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Cannon Boyz Films

Playlist Title:

The Channel Season 1

A hilarious sketch comedy that brings everyday, current situations to life.  Join this star studded cast of comedians straight out of the D.M.V as they bring the dopest comedy imaginable right to your screen. 


Carltaise Ransom Films

Playlist Title:

The Eternal Extra

Dro and Lonte are lifelong best friend who grew up with dreams of becoming well known award winning actors. Now in there late 30's, they are at a crossroad.

The EternalExtra Official Poster .jpg

Changing The World Films

Playlist Title:

Video Deebo Season 1

A series chronicling Donald “Don Donut” Dolan, a smart, witty, computer programmer. In one day, Don loses his high-paying job, his girlfriend, and his condo. With no savings, Don is forced to room with his outlandish cousin, Reno and finds a new profession as an underground gamer. 

Video Deebo Poster_edited.jpg

Team No Chill 

Playlist Title: 

Cherch Season 1

A hilarious sketch comedy show that takes you on a journey within the lives of the most happening pimps ever. 

Cherch logo.jpeg

Wotts Productions

Playlist Titles:

Torture Season 1

A gritty series that touches on the harsh realities that go on in the black community. Some will survive but some will keep suffering.

The McCraken Show Season 1

A comedy series based on Mick Cracken, a plumber, and substitute teacher, that wants to be a comedian.

ATT_1427643256549_Torture  poster.png

JoJo Maker Productions

Playlist Title:

A Day In The Life

Officer, John Wagner, struggles to find solutions to bring peace between citizens and the police. The football player, Sean, struggles in an environment which offers him very little resources to thrive.


Playlist Title:

Life Goes On

When people make poor decisions they have to learn with the consequences


18 Miles Productions

Playlist Title:

Out of Bounds Season 1

Dirt and Dolla are two childhood friends whose lives take a turn for the worse due to some unfortunate events. Follow these friends as they try to navigate life as it comes at them, fast! 

IMG_7010 (1).jpg

TruTalent Creative Works

Playlist Title:

Shock Nation Season 1

A young girl growing up in the streets of Baltimore City finds a creative way to find herself. 

Shock Nation.jpg

Par'ris D. Rose Productions

Playlist Titles:

Breathe Again 1

With each others help, a group of friends overcome unexpected life challenges.

Breathe Again 2

The ladies return! But this time with more drama, excitement, and situations you must see! 


Iron Crown Productions

Playlist Titles:

Black Therapy Season 1

Therapist, Dr. Hardin, leaves the corporate world behind and decides to help a local community plagued with drugs and violence. 

Dad Gang- Directors Cut

Three friends struggle with their growth as they enter the second phase of life. They discover the truth of themselves as men while trying to maintain thier youthful ways. 

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